New album VISIONS will be released in May!




Another year is behind us. Year that brought the new split album with the band Awrizis, "Damnation and The Rotten Brood", which has been released by the MetalGate label. After a year-old pause, we returned the End of All Nights festival. We have performed a load of concerts in clubs and on festivals and we even traveled overseas for the first time to do a Mexican tour, which turned out to be an awesome experience.

We would like to thank all the promoters who invited us to their events and fans for their everlasting support. Also Frodys from Awrizis for the great split, Maty from CrossCrew booking for organizing the Mexican tour and more and last but not least, Ondra Smejkal and the whole MetalGate team for a great cooperation. In short, thanks everyone who came in contact with us in 2016.

You can now look forward for a brand new full length album in 2017, new music video, third edition the Temelin festival End of All Nights and a completely reworked live show. This year's gonna be big!

Mexico Tour 2016


At the beginning of November, we are departing for Mexico, where we will perform our first overseas tour.

We are in for a total of seven gigs over nine days throughout entire Mexico.

Our thanks for organizing the tour goes to Maty from CROSS CREW Booking and mexican agenture Subterranean666 (J Subterranean Mex)

"Damnation & The Rotten Brood" Review


New "Damnation & The Rotten Brood" split review
at Metal Maniack (Romania)
rating: 8.5 / 10

"Everything is in place to form a strong and somehow melancholic music. The atmosphere is dark and full of venom and fast parts are combined beautifully with melodic ones."

Gothoom & Enter The Eternal Fire fest


On Friday, 22th June, we will appear on this year's biggest event - GOTHOOM festival in Slovakia!

We are honored that we were given this opportunity to appear on the same gig as Marduk, Napalm Death, Asphux, Graveworm or Rotting Christ.

On the next day, we are moving to the ENTER THE ETERNAL FIRE festival in Volyně (near Strakonice),

where, among others, the Finnish legend Impaled Nazarene will perform.

Pre-orders of the new merchandise


We have just started a pre-orders of the new merchandise along with "The Rotten Brood". You can pre-order high quality Imperial brand T-shirts and "The Rotten Brood" CD itself.

Pre-order now in our eshop!



Time for another installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming split album of Awrizis and Desire for Sorrow! Today we shall conclude our look at the album art, authored by Frodys and Lenka Machová, by showing you how the whole shall look like when manufactured.

And that is not all. Today we are also launching pre-orders of the split on MetalGate e-shop!

(Note: though the album is listed twice, with DfS and Awrizis respectivelly, you only need to order one of those, since it is not two separate disks.)

So go ahead and pre-order now and more next time!

"The Rotten Brood" promo session 2016


MetalGate NEWS



Dear friends, approx. two weeks ago, we unveiled two singles, namely "Dead For Sure" by Awrizis and "Unstained Emptiness" by Desire for Sorrow and observed that these bands are preparing a joint music project.

If you guessed split, then you are correct! It will be a split album, the very first that we shall release, and will contain two EPs entitled "Damnation" (Awrizis) and "The Rotten Brood" (DfS).

Today we are thus beginning our usual coverage pertaining to this new album with photos from the album deal signing that took place during the opening ritual of the Suomi Weird Spring.

Check out the gallery here.

Read more about the album in the current press release available here.



Dear friends, time for another installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming split album of Awrizis and Desire for Sorrow! This time, we shall change the order a bit and look at the album art, which is authored by the duo Frodys and Lenka Machová, the same tandem that created the art of the latest Postcards from Arkham album.

Since we are talking split here, both EPs that comprise it have their own central visual motif. Today we are presenting you the one that relates to the DfS EP "The Rotten Brood". You like?

Plus, here is the tracklist, composed of the following three blasts:

The Struggle / Unstained Emptiness / A Play of Futility

So enjoy and next time, we shall check out the Awrizis EP motif.

New single


Finally! You can listen to our new single, which we bring to you in a form of a studio music video.

The video and the recording have come to life in the Metalgate studio. The sound has been handled by a true master in his field, Tue Madsen from Antfarm studio in Denmark. He has, among others, bands like Kataklysm, Moonspell, Heaven Shall Burn or live DVD of Behemoth on his portfolio.

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